Strength 1, Stamina 3, Agility 4, Dexterity 3, Fighting 2, Intellect 4, Awareness 2, Presence 2

Frictionless Aura: Immunity 1(Friction Heat) 1 Point

Super-Speed: Enhanced Defenses 12(Dodge and Parry), Enhanced Advantages(Agile Feint, Close Attack 4, Defensive Roll 5, Evasion 2, Improved Initiative 10, Interpose, Instant Up, Move-by Action, Seize Initiative, Takedown), Quickness 20, Speed 20(2,000,000 MPH) 91 Points

Super-Speed Stunts: Array(20 Points)

Air Control: Cone Area Move Object 10, Close Range

Air Cushion: Burst Area Safe Fall, Affects Others

Vacuum: Burst Area Cumulative Affliction 5(Resisted by Fortitude; Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated), Concentration

Vibration: Insubstantial 4

Whirlwind: Burst Area Move Object 10, Close Range

Cosmic Treadmill
Costume Ring

Agile Feint, Close Attack 4, Defensive Roll 5, Equipment 2, Evasion 2, Improved Initiative 10, Interpose, Instant Up, Move-by Action, Seize Initiative, Takedown, Teamwork, Ultimate Effort, Taunt 3, Eidetic Memory

Acrobatics 5 (9), Athletics 5 (6), Deception 4 (6), Insight 2 (4), Intimidation (2), Perception 4 (6), Persuasion 4 (6), Stealth (4), Technology 8 (+12)

Initiative +44

Dodge 16, Parry 16
Toughness 8 (Def Roll 5), Fortitude 9, Will 2

=Power Points=
=Abilities 42 + Powers 91 + Advantages 35 + Skills 17 + Defenses 0 = Total 185=

Enemies: As a member of the Flash Family Impulse has inherited a large Rogues Gallery of foes with a vendetta against him.
Relationship: The Flash Family, Former Young Justice members, Teen Titans, Rose Wilson
Secret Identity: Bartholomew “Bart” Allen II
Weakness: Extra effort involoving SPeed threatens to draw bart into the Speed Force
Quirk: Bart tends to act on impulse without thinking things through. This often leads him into trouble.


Name: Bartholomew “Bart” Allen II
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Auburn
Base of Operations: Central City

Born in the 30th Century Bart inherited super speed form his grandfather Barry Allen, but he was also born with a hyper-accelerated metabolism. By the time he was two he had reached the physical maturity of a twelve year old. The boy was raised in a virtual reality world that allowed his mind to develop but nothing could be done to cure his condition. His grandmother Iris Allen brought her grandson back in time. Once there Wally West tricked the boy into a race around the world that shocked his system back to normal.

Iris decided that remaining in the past would be better for Bart and he was left in the care of Wally, although that arrangement proved to be a very short term one. Soon after his arrival Bart was given over to Max Mercury, then Jay Garrick the original Flash.

Shortly after his arrival in the past Bart joined the Teen Titans, his mentors believing that being around other super powered teenagers would provide him with good examples. He also became one of the founding members of Young Justice with Superboy and Robin. For the first time in his life Bart was allowed to choose his own place in the world and he remained a member of Young Justice until the group was disbanded after the death of Donna Troy.

Following the groups disbandment he was re-invited to join the newest incarnation of the Teen Titans, a group which was composed largely of former members of Young Justice. Shortly after joining this group Bart was shot in the knee by Deathstroke and received a prosthetic one. During his recovery he read every book in the San Francisco Public Library and reinvented himself as Kid Flash.

Just after he’d fully recovered from his injury Bart’s life was thrown into upheaval again. Barry Allen and Wally West both became one with the Speed Force and his longtime mentor Jay Garrick suffered a fatal attack. Superboy stepped up to tank over the role of leading the Teen Titans while Tim Drake left the team to become Red Robin.

Bart chose to remain with the Teen Titans under Superboy’s leadership for a short time. During one of their first missions the Titans went to South America to confront the criminal Brother Blood and his followers. Connor left Rose Wilson, also known as Ravager, in the middle of the resulting battle to evacuate Wondergirl who was injured in the resulting battle.

Although the entire team returned to Titan Tower safely Bart was enraged by Connor’s decision and the lack of concern he’d shown for Rose. Deciding to leave the Titans Bart relocated to Central City where he began making efforts to protect the city that had lost it’s greatest champion.


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